Sweet & Lighthearted Izenstone wedding

Spanish fort, Alabama

Sweet & Lighthearted Izenstone wedding

Spanish fort, Alabama

We always tell people we aren't your average wedding filmmakers and we don't make your average wedding film... this is one of our favorite examples of that! Alex and Adam didn't want a boring, stuffy, traditional, cheesy wedding video... they wanted something that felt more true to them - YES PLEASE! 

Alex and Adam trusted us to capture their day in such a way that highlighted their hilarious personalities and connection, while also showcasing all the beauty and hard work they put in to their Izenstone wedding. And if we may say so ourselves... the ending reception sequence on this one goes HARD! If we had to describe these two and whole experience working with them in one word, it would be "fun!" 

We also couldn't help but include a little "blooper reel" at the end that's a must-watch! 






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