behind the lens

Hey, there! We’re Nic + Kayla Johnson.
Husband and wife super-team with a passion for creativity, love and coffee.

Here is our story.

We’ve been there.

More specifically on October 28, 2018. In the small, waterfront town of Fairhope, Alabama.

That’s the day we said “I do” in a flurry of frantic timelines, stress and worry.  

We get it. You spend each waking minute for months planning out every last detail of your dream day. Seating arrangements, menus, and so… many... deposits.

Then the big day comes and before you know it, everything is done and it’s all just a haze. You barely had time to process it all much less soak it in to cherish and remember it for a lifetime.

Our story

The last thing you want to feel on your wedding day is that it was really more about everyone else than it was about you two.

Our passion is celebrating YOU — your story, your personality; and your crazy, unafraid, reckless love.

We give you the space to be fully you and fully present, to cherish every moment of the day.

We’re two mountain-loving dreamers making do along the Gulf Coast in south Alabama. We love a strong cup of coffee and The Office. Our hearts belong to the Lord but we’re thankful He put them in the protection of each other while we’re here!

Nic has a Ph.D in Dad jokes and a knack for writing. Kayla is an A.P. Award-winning graphic designer and self-proclaimed #nutritiongeek. Together, we love capturing stories and preserving memories for people through a shared passion of ours — being behind the camera. 

We are natural light videographers and photographers with a journalistic/lifestyle approach to storytelling. We believe in capturing the little and big moments in an as unobtrusive, authentic way as possible.

yes, we're those dog parents


we love a fall mountain view


Rosa (left) and Hank (right) are our puppers — a.k.a. our pit crew... plus the other 183 nicknames they have. They've stolen our hearts since the day they were adopted!

Asheville, NC is a place that is close to our hearts — it's where we honeymooned and a place we travel to often to unwind.

we are huge
dave ramsey nerds


Debt is dumb, y'all! And we had ALL the stupid when we first got married (student loans, cars, credit cards, etc.). But in October of 2021 we paid off the last of our $229k debt (yes, you read that correctly)!

about us

get to know us


very important facts about

i'd rather be

guilty pleasure

favorite office character

secret talent

just for fun

Drinking a Hershey's Yuengling

Peanut butter ice cream... or donuts

Dwight, definitely Dwight

Has a knack for quick puns

Loves professional wrestling

very important facts about


i'd rather be

guilty pleasure

favorite office character

secret talent

just for fun

Reading a self-motivation book

My Favorite Murder podcast

Michael Scott, always.


Obsessed with clean living & health

all about

we're all about

Dad jokes,
solid puns,
The Office memes,
love letters,
true crime,
making brides cry (tears of joy)

not about

we're not about

Negative vibes,
half-assed work,
Auburn football,
yard inflatables,
awkward situations ... but really though

roll tide, y'all!

words we live by

work hard &

be nice

to people

life is


with dogs

words we live by

go after your


words we live by

Eat the


words we live by

about you

Our dream clients care about the little details, laugh hard and love even harder.

We value relationships like we value that last bite of cake and we love working with couples who are just as extra as we are.

Our dream clients want their love story told for years to come. To hear their love letters and vows over again over again. To see the tears during the first look and hear the laughs during your best man's toast.

Our dream clients are a balance of modern and classy but still like to get down on the dance floor — heels and all. 

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